Halpenfield is a certified TIBCO Spotfire partner

Spotfire is the perfect product for you if you are looking to achieve Smart Data Recovery and Halpenfield is in partnership with TIBCO Spotfire to resell this application and deliver data analytics services using the Spotfire tools.

About TIBCO Spotfire

Spotfire is a data analytics tool that delivers efficient and swift actionable insights. The easy-to-use and interpretive visualisations enables users to quickly uncover answers to pressing business problems.

What TIBCO Spotfire delivers

Spotfire possesses the ability to uncover unexpected trends, patterns, risks and opportunities that are hidden in the data, helping businesses to make better-informed decision based on facts, taking companies beyond their goals.

Spotfire has the capability to allow you to:

  • Explore data freely without reliance on IT
  • Take responsibility into your own hands and create a highly productive and agile organisation where employees can explore multiple representations of selected data, without wading through endless macros
  • Plot out complex and multiple variables against each other with a simple touch, presenting newly visible opportunities
  • Simplify the process of deep data exploration
  • Detect patterns easily without having to reload every time a new visualisation is desired
  • Reverse any filters and visualisations to original formats
  • Deliver operational dashboards to a broad spectrum of exploratory apps, tablets, desktops
  • Interact with predictive applications running in a web browser. Users at all levels can act on data-driven insights to make the best possible decisions in the fastest possible time
  • Instantly visualise, interact with and manipulate data with ease using natural-language
  • Publish reports with ease directly to tablets or desktop for everyone to view

TIBCO Spotfire has received remarkable scores in Gartner’s January 2017 critical capabilities report across all the five use cases (Agile Centralized BI provisioning, Decentralized Analytics, Governed Data Discovery, OEM/ Embedded BI and Extranet deployment)


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