About Halpenfield

Halpenfield was established in the year 2004. We are a data analytics and BI specialist solutions company. Our team of experienced data professionals work with our clients to design, build, deploy and manage analytics and reporting solutions which enable companies to have greater business insight, make informed decisions and to predict results.

We assist companies to adopt a data driven culture, to give business managers the tools they need for smart data discovery, self-service reporting and collaborative analytics. Halpenfield partners with industry leading software vendors enabling us to create the business solutions which empower our clients to make better decisions faster.

What we do

  • Our expert team help our clients explore, visualise and analyse data, clearly, easily, quickly and efficiently
  • We work with our clients to select and deploy the correct tools and techniques to help transform their business
  • We pass on our knowledge and expertise to our clients to enable them to be as self-sufficient as they desire
  • Halpenfield provide fully managed analytics to those clients who prefer it
  • Support and guide companies through adoption and implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms

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